Friday, January 15, 2010

Moustaches on Girls

Moustaches on Girls = Hot! Sometimes (i repeat SOmetimes) taches on girls are hot.  I think Cheryl Cole would look swag with a tache. . . 

Press Play!

I used some black eyeliner to get the tached up look. 

Sunday, January 3, 2010

NYE - See in the New Year With a Pirate Hat!

So My sister and her mate came down (or is it up?) to mine for New Years, and we went out - and I decided to wear a pirate hat because it seemed to finish my outfit off.

I thought it was mint! My sister's initial reaction was WTF....followed by eeurgh i don't want to be seen out with you after a few hours she caught my genius and by the end of the night she was pretty envious wishing she'd thought up the whole 'wearing a pirate hat on New Years Eve' thing....proof being she kept trying to knick the bloody thing:

my hat-nicking sister (do you think she looks like me??)

SO that was our New Years...what happened to you guys on New Years ? Oh,and don't tell me your New Years resolutions because you're going to break them anyway!