Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Having a Stylish Xmas for Him

Stuck for what to buy your stylish male friend or significant other?  Check out some iST suggestions. Let me know if any of my ideas helped!

The new Lacoste fragrance, Eau de Lacoste

Tommy Hilfiger pyjama bottoms


A Decent cookbook

Some Mobile apps!
Lightbox/Instagram, Android & iPhone – organise and share your photos easily.
Lightbox Photos

Infinity Blade II, iPhone – slash your way to victory  
iPhone Screenshot 1image

Sky+, free on iPhone – set your Sky+ box to record from wherever you are! 
iPhone Screenshot 2

Popular games, free on Android: Sketch Online, Drop, Replica Island, and Angry Birds of course ;-)
Sketch online Replica island
Angry birds

Some beautiful Alcohol, think brandy, whisky, courvoisier - it’s a foolproof suggestion, unless he’s teetotal…my bad.

Hats off – beanie, bobble, bowler – whatever style he goes for, a hats always a cool gift to receive

Hunting sessions, as in game,clay or target shooting, forget Call of Duty, this is the real deal. I think this should be the new go karting…

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Riri's Red Dress

Riri took to the Xfactor stage yesterday. For me, it was all about the McQ tartan dress she was wearing. Its the cutest red dress I've seen in a while.I love it!  A fair few celebs have already worn it out but I think its Riri's whos really made people sit up and take notice of it.  I predict a whole bunch of copycat ripoffs.


Sunday, November 20, 2011

Barney t-shirts

When the longing for childhood comforts gets too much, i turn to the internet and search for a Barney T-shirt. I can't be the only one that wants one of these?

On a side note, also found these:

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Caggie D style

The one thing I've rated consistently throughout Made in Chelsea is Caggie Dunlop's style.  When it comes to the clothes, she keeps it classy and interesting. I like that she has a very understated style but its not dull or lacking personality.

Glamming it up: Caggie added a stunning floral floor-length jacket to her white dress when she arrived   Glamming it up: Caggie added a stunning floral floor-length jacket to her white dress when she arrived
 Love this pic, very a star is born:

A little more straight-faced: Earlier in the night, Spencer and Caggie were at the Garrard Jewellery House in London for the ISAF Match Racing World Championship Trophy Launch

Caggie Dunlop arrives 'Dorsia' club launch party. The  22-year-old has a  part in Made in Chelsea.

Friday, November 11, 2011

The New Louboutins

Blake Lively's Louboutins Gave Her Hairy Toes!

The New Louboutin "Lion Paw" shoes are making people do double takes. I didn't immediately take to these shoes....but after a few minutes I had to admit they are a great shoe to style up an outfit and get people talking. The shoes live up to their Louboutin price tag with jewel encrusted talons on each 'toe' of the shoe. The real question is, will people wear them? I think, for the right person, these shoes are a great addition to their wardrobe.
Blake Lively's Louboutins Gave Her Hairy Toes!
Blake Lively rocking them out

Blake Lively's Louboutins Gave Her Hairy Toes!

They are very Carrie Bradshaw,  I would pair them with a simple fitted shift dress and beehive up-do or dress them down with slim fit capri pants and an oversize shirt.

SJP was the first to try them out in August.